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The Surfer's House

Sea Shore

Front Garden
The front garden separates the property from the end of the cul de sac. A little apple tree in the garden provides privacy to the front door. The garden is overlooked by our first floor balcony accessed off the Living Room.

Rear Garden
The rear garden is laid in black lime stone with a perimeter of mature fruit trees, thorny roses and other flowers. There is no access to the garden except via the rear of the house. There is no gate and it is walled and fenced in beyond the planting. A little canopy of wisteria and roses cover a private seating area offering a little retreat in which to sit outside.

Privacy & Security
The Surfer’s House has a garage at the property which (with about ten mins of moving things) can be used to store a vehicle out of sight if necessary. Simply let us know in advance and we can arrange that the garage is clear for your vehicle. In the garage we keep firewood and turf among other things all in easily moved fishing boxes salvaged from the shoreline during heavy storms. These can be moved to the rear in a few minutes to allow a car/van in. The house can then be accessed from the garage internally without going outside. We can also provide portable cctv cameras to the property that can be monitored by the guest.  The rear of the property is completely enclosed with no gate or access. Our location in the street means we have no passing traffic.

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