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The Living Room at The Surfer’s House is located on the first floor. Double doors open out to a little balcony that in summer is often in bloom with honeysuckle and other plants. The room has an old wooden floor reclaimed from a Guinness Store in Dublin. A limestone hearth, made from left over slabs on the ground floor, and a stove give the room a beautiful focal point all year round. The fire is often smouldering with turf or driftwood, collected by hand locally. Some of our dog walking guests have even collected their own driftwood and brought it back to the fire for the evening. The living room has three Chesterfield style sofas and a mid century vintage dresser and bookcase. We aren’t big fans of tv here at The Surfer’s House but we do have a tv and Freeview system connected and 100’s of DVDs for you. The bookcase is full of books and board games and we have portable wifi.

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