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Irish Outdoor Bath

Guests at The Surfer's House can enjoy a hot or ice bath in a vintage cast iron bath outside the house. The bath is surrounded by lots of plants, honeysuckle and roses.


When possible, we collect seaweed floating in the sea and use it at home in the bath and for fertiliser in our small but abundant garden. If you would like to use some of the seaweed in the Surfer's House outdoor bath you are more than welcome. Irish Seaweed Baths are a tradition all around the coast. There is nothing more relaxing than a candle lit bath in warm water with the oils of local Irish Seaweed soothing and softening the skin.

For those cold water dippers among guests, we provide ice in a dedicated freezer specially for use in the bath. As North Atlantic surfers, we are more aware than most of the benefits of both coldwater and seaweed in health and nutrition and use both regularly.

If neither seaweed or ice are your thing, we can at times provide rose petals for the bath from the garden.

(Please note that use of the bath requires pre-booking. Ice and warm water are always available, rose petals are very seasonal, and seaweed is only available if we happen to have found some floating locally, hence pre-booking is essential. There are varieties of roses and other plants around the bath which offer different scents and change appearance with the seasons.  Expect the space to look different depending on time of year).

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